Fire Hall 15 is one of two remaining Edwardian fire halls in the city and stands as a prominent historic marker in an area that no longer reflects its past, consisting mostly of post-1940s residential construction.  Fire Hall 15 is a local landmark in the Collingwood – Renfrew area and is a handsome structure that is highly valued by the local community.

Constructed in 1913, Fire Hall 15 underwent a 50s renovation resulting in the typical addition of a layer of stucco over the original shingle and lap-siding and removal of what was seen as dated exterior detailing.

According to The City of Vancouver’s Building & Development – Policy Report, the major elements of this rehabilitation project include the retention of the structural frame of the fire hall. Replication of original exterior cladding material including the roof, to match the original appearance of the fire hall at the time of its construction. Existing wood soffit and wood brackets will be retained and restored for reuse along with refurbishment of the original wood windows.  Finally, we will see the replication of the original arched balconies off the second-floor sleeping porch.

EXLE was asked to take on the heritage window restoration for the project – which includes 32 glazed units, complete with the restoration of the look-out points of the 40ft high hose tower. The restoration of historic wood window sashes is a complex task that requires period-specific carpentry, lead abatement, and understanding how to achieve current day energy standards with the use of old and new materials. Just another heritage window restoration by the Extraordinary League Contracting team for more information on commercial wood window restoration or residential wood window restoration – you can contact us here.

For more information about Fire Hall 15 visit the Heritage Vancouver website or visit the City of Vancouver Planning Department website.