New Living-Edge Fir Slab Table

by | Feb 1, 2013 | EXLE Blog, Custom Pieces

EXLE has finished up another custom living-edge, solid wood table. Our living-edge furnishings are all uniquely hand-crafted and one of a kind.  This specific piece was made from a 300 year old, living-edge Fir tree slab. This table measures 12 feet in length and would be a fantastic dining room or meeting room table. All custom crafted pieces embody the the true shape and character of the tree from which it came. These massive slabs are created by vertically planing a whole tree into equal 2-3 inch thick sectioned slabs. The massive slabs are then kiln dried ensuring the moisture content of the wood is suitable for finishing. With custom living-edge furniture, the grandeur, rich textures and unique shapes are something that mass production can never replicate. Just another custom woodworks project from the Extraordinary League Contracting Team.